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My Philosophy

People may think my food is simple and effortless, based only on Mediterranean and Italian recipes. Instead, I believe my cooking style is an "Open Space" where everything can be done, tasted and experimented; where each ingredient can be transformed and prepared in a way that its true flavor and deep taste can be sensed, explored, savored.

My culture is Italian based, but my cooking background has been enriched with new techniques and ingredients: a contemporary way to understand food.  I know that cooking is an endless job,  but I know that deep inside the main goal of my cuisine is to make people relax and enjoy.


Our Approach

Our Story

My Story

When I was a child, I had one of the few highlights of my life: my mother took my brother and me to the Fish Market in Bari. We bought a bunch of sea urchins and a loaf of bread. Seated on a staircase, we ate. It was an amazing discovery to feel the sea, the winds, the salt on my tongue. This gastronomical epiphany pushed me into the kitchen, that secret space of women, that is dominated by men in a professional level. 

Chef Consultant


Ignazio Campanale

I began to work at high school. But it was at 18 years old, that I found the greatest school: "La Trattoria Patan". There I learned the craft of cooking, the art of pasta and rice.  I observed there how the passion is crystallized on art. And this thought, this feeling is what made me work as a consultant: the idea to transform something into art.